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I’m terrible at thinking ahead of time when it comes to holidays. Obviously, it’s Friday and I’m just now coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day for…tomorrow. So I was on the search for something I could throw together between today and tomorrow. I found some awesome ideas. Some are for You and Yours only but others would work for the whole family. A few of these are a little over-the-top-cheesy for me but I think the basic ideas are great and I can totally work around the cheesiness and still make it fun and memorable.

Breakfast in Bed1. Breakfast in Bed

Since I’ve been married, I’ve never had Valentine’s Day land on a Saturday…which makes this year SUPER special and the breakfast in bed idea totally doable. I love this stuffed french toast and the bacon on skewers…cute. However, my husband might prefer Chilaquiles or Huevos Rancheros. My advice would be: Don’t worry about it being super fancy, just make what he (or the rest of the family) really likes.
Spa date night

2. Spa Night

One time, while in the mall, I talked my husband into getting a pedicure with me. Well, the Vietnamese lady actually talked him into it. He didn’t want me to tell anybody but he was surprised at how much he liked it. He loves massages so the foot massage in the warm water was right up his alley. Everybody likes to get pampered, whether they want to admit it or not.


3. Discover a New Town Together

Living in a little podunk town means it’s really easy to get bored here. There’s only one restaurant and two hamburger places. Discovering a new town together is a genius idea to break up the monotony of living in a small town. If you live in the city, maybe you’re aching to find a place with wide open spaces. Find something different and mix it up a little.

Stargazing square

4. Stargazing

When my husband and I were first dating we drove out to the ranch he worked at one night and watched a gorgeous meteor shower. We had a very deep, thought-provoking conversation. It was an incredibly memorable experience. Too bad there isn’t a meteor shower predicted for Valentine’s Day but maybe you’ll get lucky and see a shooting star 🙂

indoor camping square

5. Indoor Camping

We are serious campers in my family. Camping is my absolute favorite thing about the mountains here in Utah. However, Utah winters don’t exactly facilitate camping. This indoor camping idea is a perfect compromise!

Our-Love-Story square

6. Our Love Story Book

My secret hobby (that I rarely have time for anymore) is book making. Let me clarify, I am not a scrapbooker. However, creating a story book about our love story sounds like a lot of fun and you could take it in so many directions with stuff you already have at home. It would be a great excuse to print out some of those digital photos and actually USE them.

Power Outage

7. Power Outage Date

How fun would it be to just unplug for a few hours? Nothing irks me more than people looking at their phones while they’re on a date. It’s easy to pop a movie in but it’s more memorable to do shadow puppets, play games, and eat by candlelight.

Love Shack Square

8. The Love Shack

I love forts. 1. They’re a blast to put together and 2. They’re free! Anything to make the night special is worth the few extra minutes (or mess) to put together.

Je t-aime Hotel square

9. Je T’iame Hotel

I like the idea of recreating a hotel room. My mom gave me some AMAZING percale sheets for Christmas…the kind of sheets I wanted forever but never could justify buying since we have plenty of regular sheets. The first time we used them my husband said, “I feel like we’re in a hotel room!” We also have some nice hotel-quality towels we got for Christmas. This could get fun!


10. Chopped Date

I’ve actually never seen the show “Chopped” (GASP!) but this sounds like a blast! You could make it more Valentine’s Day themed by requiring the ingredients be the color red or pink.

 *     *     *

I think I may combine a couple of these and have our first ever SUPER special Valentine’s Day Date. Tell me what you come up with!

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