15 Valentine's Gifts Square2Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find a great gift for your spouse. You want something meaningful, something he will really appreciate, and something that won’t break the bank or take up every afternoon for a week to complete. We tend to gravitate toward gifts we would like to receive. However, that isn’t always what your spouse would most appreciate. Enter the 5 Love Languages. This Valentine’s Day, take some of the stress out of gift-giving by focusing on gifts that appeal to your husband’s primary love language. 

Valentine’s Day is getting super personal this year and just might be the most meaningful one yet!

Words of Affirmation

If your man’s love language is Words of Affirmation, find any gift that uses words to express love. He will feel it deeper than any other kind of gift.

1. 50 “Reasons Why I Love You” Candy Jar Gift50 reasons gift

I think any variation of this idea would be perfect for the man who loves compliments and encouraging words. Every time he takes a treat from the jar, he’ll know you love him.

Scavenger Hunt2. Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

This would take some creativity but totally pay off in the end. Be sure to incorporate some reasons why you love him or some encouraging words in your clues. If you can make them rhyme like her, that’s even more awesome!

Open When Letters3. Open When Letters

These are fun and don’t have to be only for long distance relationships. I assure you your spouse will appreciate your kind and encouraging words at the appropriate moments.

Quality Time

Quality Time is a love language that really only requires your presence and attention. Here are a few ideas that might help that happen.

DateNightsPrintable4. Pre-Planned Dates Mini-Book

This is a super awesome printable mini-book that will take the sometimes energy-draining planning out of your quality time. Bonus if you can include an envelope with the amount of money estimated to cover the costs for all the dates. That way, there is absolutely no excuse to not follow through. Assure your spouse that this year will be full of quality time together because it’s already planned.

conversation starters5. Conversation Starter Stones

If your spouse’s love language dialect is quality conversation, this is perfect! It would be fun to do this over dinner I think. Don’t be that married couple that eats in silence, bump up the conversation with this cute gift!

valentine-scratch-off-ticket-cards6. Scratch Off Tickets

I think it would be fun to choose 3 events that he would love going to in the near future. Let him scratch one off and you promise him tickets to it, as long as you go together. That means, if basketball isn’t really your thing but he would love to see his team play, you go anyway. 


Receiving Gifts

If your husband’s love language is Receiving Gifts, then holidays like Valentine’s Day can be extra special! As long as it’s something that took a little bit of thought, he’ll appreciate it and truly feel your love.

Sharpie mugs7. Sharpie Mug

If your husband likes hot drinks, this could be a very thoughtful gift. Personalize it and make it meaningful for him.

favorite things bag8. Paper Bag of His Favorite Things

This gift could work for anybody but I think it would be especially thoughtful for your gift receiving husband. If gifts make him feel loved, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. You could add his favorite candy, drink, fruit, game, etc.

Love Story Book9. Our Love Story Book

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.” I have seen this all over Etsy and Pinterest and it’s such a sweet thought. Turn it into a photo book for your husband. What a thoughtful and sentimental gift to keep forever!

Acts of Service

Acts of Service can feel tricky sometimes as a wife if you usually do most of the housework and cooking. Only you know what kind of service makes your husband feel loved. If you don’t find it among these ideas, think outside the box and observe what you think your husband would appreciate.

Crepes Main Horizontal10. Breakfast in Bed

Try this easy recipe for a beautiful Valentine’s breakfast and take it to your sweetheart in bed. Let him relax while you fill his belly as well as his love tank.

Coupon Book11. Coupon Book:

You can either make this cute little book and offer him opportunities to request your service, or you can just do it. If he does chores that you rarely help him with, take advantage of Valentine’s Day to do some for him.

dinner12. Make His Favorite Dinner:

This is a staple and especially meaningful for guys who speak acts of service as their love language. Make it extra special with some roses, candles, and pretty dishes. Not only will you avoid the absolute chaos that is Valentine’s Day at restaurants, you’ll save money and have a more intimate evening, just the two of you. 

Physical Touch

Physical Touch is especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day. While making love can definitely add a beautiful touch to a romantic day, it isn’t the only way to express your husband’s love language. 

back massage13. Back Massage:

If your husband asks for a back massage often and your massages usually consist of a 5 minute, quick and probably unsatisfying rub-down, try a little harder today. Do a little research on how to give a better massage, buy or make some massage oil, and get some ambiance going. Your physically touchy spouse will be in heaven!


Movie night14. Movie Night with Lots of Cuddling:

If your husband likes movies and cuddling, this is an adorable gift! Remember, this gift isn’t actually about the movie or the popcorn, it’s about the cuddling. If he likes his head rubbed, take the time to caress him while you watch the movie together. 

Bath15. Romantic Bubble Bath:

If you’re like me, a nice, warm bubble bath just really hits the spot. Your touchy husband might just feel the same way, if you’re in there with him! He’ll revel in the way you wash him down. This one is is all about touch and he will not soon forget how full his love tank is tonight šŸ™‚

Make sure your husband appreciates your gift this Valentine’s Day by choosing one that appeals to his love language and will make him feel loved beyond measure. If he asks for ideas of what to get you, respond with a few from your love language. You will have a magical Valentine’s Day with love tanks that are overflowing. šŸ™‚

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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do any of these gifts sound like they would appeal to your man? Do you have any other ideas? Share please!

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