Why I Started this Blog

I once received a fortune cookie that said, “Your personality is fueled by the fascination you feel for life.” I still have it. I don’t think I could sum up my personality any better than that. 

I love life. Despite the sometimes debilitating trials that will either make or break your faith and the everyday overwhelm we all feel sometimes, I think life is full of amazing blessings and reasons to be happy.

As a mother, I know what it feels like to be completely overrun by your life. You have desires to do good things but at the end of the day, you’re just too exhausted to care whether or not you did “all you could do.”

This is really why I started this blog. I love being a mother but I know how difficult it can be sometimes. I hope I can, in some small way, strengthen and help a mother along her way. I hope I can inspire her to find the happies and count them.

My Story

Throughout my life I have had some unique experiences, met a lot of people, struggled with a lot of things, overcome a few things, and tried to stay positive through it all. Now that I’m a wife and mother of two little angels, I struggle with even more things. Being responsible for far more than just myself, I’m learning to adjust. Instead of beating myself up with every failure, I’m working on building myself up with every success, including learning from my failures. I’ve discovered that as cliché as it sounds, happiness truly isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. I’m learning to put the tragedies and set backs behind me and continue to push forward, finding hope in all things. I try to remember who I truly am and inspire others to feel that fascination for life too.


What You Will Find Here

Here at Count the Happies you’ll find lots of things that make me happy (including lots of happy faces 🙂 ). I try to create and maintain a peaceful, well-managed home by keeping it clean, organized, and all things paid for. I love to cook and truly believe that food brings families together.

Speaking of families, I love mine more than anything! I’m always on the lookout for well-meaning advice on parenting, marriage, and other family relationships. Taking care of my body is something I’ve struggled with all of my life but also something I’m continually working on and hope you will join me in the crusade. I am a self-improvement junkie and love to set goals. Of course in my free time, when and if I have it, I love to laugh at a good movie, try new and adventurous things, read, camp in the mountains, and sleep…I like to sleep, a lot.Fam3

I work to provide you with content that will uplift and inspire, not degrade and tear down. I want to provide useful, meaningful information, not junk that will waste your time. I want you to come away feeling better than when you got here. Let me know if I’m doing this by shooting me an email!

My deepest desire in sharing this blog is to help other mothers let go of stress and find happiness in the journey. It really is possible to streamline your life in such a way that you are able to take a deep breath, thank the Lord for what you have, and enjoy the moment.

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