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5 Ways to Workout With Your Kids

Workouts squareMaking exercise a priority when you have kids can be really difficult. Long gone are the days of heading to the gym whenever you wanted. You have meals, school pick ups and drop offs, naps, soccer, piano, and play dates to work around. Sometimes trying to fit in exercise just seems like more work than you can handle at this stage in your life.

Dedicating a precious hour of my day to solely working out gives me a little anxiety because I feel like I don’t have the time or the energy to compartmentalize my life like that. I know some of you are screaming through your computer screen at me, “but the benefits far outweigh the hassle!” I believe you. Which is why I have found a way to integrate my life as a mother and my fitness goals.

Enter my plan to work out with my kids. I know, most people use exercise as an escape and their time to decompress after being with the kids all day. However, I see some amazing benefits to working out with your kids.

  1. You can do it whenever you can fit it in (aka no excuses)
  2. Your kids learn that being active is important
  3. They see that being active can be fun
  4. They get to be your cheerleader
  5. You have your “why” staring at you in the face

If you want to develop healthy habits like daily exercise, you’ve got to have a “why.” My biggest one is my kids. I want to help them develop healthier habits than I did. I want to have the energy to play with them, teach them, and live out my energy-zapping role as a mother. So working out with them keeps that vision front and center.

I’ve found some fun and creative ways to workout with your kids that we have been loving lately. These workouts are totally customizable to your level of fitness, the amount of time you have, and how involved you want to get the kids. Another plus? They’re all totally free 

1. Dance


Apart from the crazy dance sessions I have with my kids in the kitchen at any given moment, we also like to do YouTube Zumba or Dance videos. My kids love to dance around and try to follow along. It totally boosts your confidence when you don’t have to keep up with the slender, ripped, 19-year-old girl dancing circles around you in class. Your toddlers are just as lost as you are.

I make playlists on YouTube and it makes it easy to turn on my TV, go to YouTube, and directly to my playlists to do some dance workouts. Some of our favorite channels for zumba are: Live Love Party (if you can get past the guy in the tutu, really?!), Club Fitz, and Shine Dance Fitness. You can also just search for a song you like and add “zumba” to the end of your search.

2. Obstacle Course

Ok, I haven’t tried this yet but it just came to me and you can bet we’re going to try this today. Do you remember making obstacle courses with your friends when you were little? We used to make up these random courses with whatever was lying around the yard. Then somebody would choose how you were to go through the course and in what order. Then we raced to see who could do it the fastest.

Oh we are definitely trying this today.

 3. Playground


I was pretty disappointed in myself last week when we went to the park and my son crossed the monkey bars without any help and then asked me to do it…Sadly enough, I couldn’t cross even one bar for fear the joints in my arms would be ripped clear to shreds 

Clearly, I am out of shape. Then I remembered I told myself I was going to try these playground workouts I saw once and thought they were genius. The trick is finding a time and place where you can be by yourself with your kids. Good thing the elementary school playgrounds are free during the summer 

4. Strength Training

Who needs a personal trainer when you have kids?! Just give your oldest a whistle and a timer and watch how motivated you are to impress your kids. 

I pick random videos on YouTube and turn them into a playlist for different kinds of workouts. My 5-year-old is an exceptional cheerleader and when I start slacking off he’ll say, “Mom, she’s still going, you can’t stop.” 

We’ve tried the Women’s Workout Channel, although I’m kind of tired of looking at all the butt shots. This one looks a little more promising and I think I’ll be trying it next. The truth is, YouTube is an amazing free resource where you can find pretty much any kind of workout you’re looking for. Some even use your kids as weights 

 5. Walk/Run


Walking with my kids is just as fun for me as it is for them. I love to look at and admire old houses in our little town when I walk and my kids have picked up on it. Now my 2-year-old daughter will point at a house and say, “Mommy, I wuv that house.”

You can also kill two birds with one stone and ask a friend if she wants to go. You get your socializing with adults while you spend time with your kids and exercise! Wow…now that is multitasking.

If you’re a little ahead in the game, you may want to run. For me, at this point, it’s more of a joke. My kids will say, “Run mommy!” and I’ll run across the intersection only to be totally out of breath by the other side while they’re laughing uncontrollably. 

As a mom, I get so tired of thinking of ways to keep my kids entertained while I “get stuff done.” I don’t want exercise to be just another thing that takes away from quality time with my kids or even quality time with myself. Integrating exercise and involving your kids can bring boat loads of benefits for all of you.

*     *     *     *     *

Have you tried working out with your kids? What’s your favorite activity to do?Signature Yellow2Workouts FB

50 Ideas for “No Light Hours”: Take advantage of the fall time change

Nighttime squareIt’s easy for someone like me, who prefers warm weather and being outside, to get depressed that the time has changed and winter is on its way. However, this time I am oddly optimistic about what I will accomplish with no outdoor distractions. After spending a summer outside building and painting furniture, fixing roofs, and gardening, I’m kind of looking forward to an excuse to stay indoors for a while. Here are 50 ideas to occupy your extra nighttime hours and keep you away from trash TV.

Take up a new hobby

1. Learn to crochet
2. Learn to play an instrument
3. Practice cooking more delicious and healthy meals
4. Go the other route and learn to bake delicious and indulgent treats
5. Read more
6. Take up writing or at least journaling
7. Learn to sew
8. Learn a new language
9. Take an online course
10. Learn to make and bind books
11. Take up scrapbooking
12. Learn how to coupon
13. Learn a new style of dance (maybe you could get your spouse to join in it with you)
14. Make jewelry

gamesMore Family Time

15. Play board games or other physical games like Hide-and-Seek
16. Do puzzles together
17. Go on night drives to see the Christmas lights, make sure to bring hot chocolate
18. Have movie nights at home with popcorn
19. Learn to ice skate together
20. Go bowling
21. Build forts in the living room
22. Exchange foot massages
23. Take treats to a neighbor
24. Learn some songs together and sing them to elderly folk at a nursing home or assisted living center
25. Plan and prepare Christmas for a less fortunate family
26. Just talk over a mug of hot chocolate


More Personal Time

27. Take a bubble bath
28. Have a spa night with homemade spa products
29. Go to bed earlier and reap the benefits of beauty sleep
30. Exercise or go on a night walk, just bundle up and wear reflective colors
31. Find a new podcast or audiobook to listen to while you clean or work on a project
32. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
33. Take up meditation
34. Window shop or browse online shops
35. Think about and write down your goals
36. Write a real paper and pen letter to a friend and mail it

Work on indoor projects

37. Paint a room in your house (or all of them!)
38. Paint a small piece of furniture
39. Read this book and declutter your home
40. Fix things that you haven’t gotten around to fixing yet
41. Go through cabinets, drawers, and closets that have needed it for a while now
42. Sell stuff you don’t need online
43. Put together a cookbook of your family’s favorite recipes
44. Make all homemade Christmas gifts this year
45. Make an inventory of your stockpile or food storage, if you have it, and decide where you’re low
46. Organize old, printed photos and keep them in a safe box that will protect against aging and yellowing
47. Organize digital files and photos and back them up
48. Make a password reminder list to help you remember all the different usernames and passwords you have. Protect the document with an easy-to-remember password
49. Clean out your filing cabinet or make a filing system if you don’t have one
50. Organize your brain by reading this book and following through with what it teaches

Let me know if you try any of these and how it goes. Do you have any other ideas? What’s your favorite way to spend that extra time indoors?
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7 Tips to Being a Great Gift-Giver


Present square2 

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve received some weird gifts in my life and wondered, “What were they thinking?” Avoid being that person who gifts the weirdest things that really have no meaning and instead be the other type of person that always gives the most thoughtful gifts.

1. Put some thought into it

This means you need to start ahead of time. Don’t be that person that runs to the nearest Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve, praying there’s something left to give everyone on your list. Start waaaayyyyy ahead of time and force yourself to pay attention. People, even the ones who appear to have everything, are constantly leaving unconscious hints about what they would love to receive as a gift. They may not come out and say, “For Christmas I would like _________” but they are saying it, just in a different way. Listen for cues like, “I wish _________” or “wouldn’t it be nice _________” or “someday _________”. These are great hints for people who are hard to buy for.

box2. Think outside the box

With the cues given above, the person may not be talking about an actual item that you might be able to purchase them as a gift. For example, my mom has pretty much everything. I mean, within reasonable limits, if she wants something she normally just gets it for herself. So it’s sometimes difficult to buy for her. However, when I listen to her and pay attention, she is always talking about making things that she doesn’t have time for, or fixing things that she can’t do herself. I have found that some of the best Christmas gifts I have given her have been acts of service by fixing something or refinishing something she already has. It can be tricky and you may not be able to make it a surprise (which is ALWAYS more fun if you can swing it). However, it’s a great way, and often less expensive way, to give to someone you really care about.

3. Don’t give something just because it’s what you would like to receive

You know that person who always gives you, and everybody else, jewelry? Or makeup? Or workout gear? Or home décor? Or horse-themed stuff? Who’s to say everybody likes the same things you like? It’s an easy way out because it takes a lot less thought. You know you like it, so she’ll like it too right? Unless you’re sure you two are that much alike, dig a little deeper.

4. Price doesn’t always equal value

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to give great gifts. Remember the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts”? It really is. In the end, nobody cares how much you spent on a gift if it is meaningful to that person.

 5. You can’t go wrong with  attaching memories to gifts

photo albumThe best gift, to date I think, that I’ve ever given my dad was putting our home movies on DVD for him. He had all of his photos and memorabilia burn up in a fire a few years ago and it was devastating to him. I figured out how to convert our VHS home movies to DVD on my own computer and he was touched to receive those as his Christmas gift. He still talks about it today. Anytime you can gift memories, people love that! Just make it meaningful and personal and you can’t go wrong. This is especially great for people who seem to have everything.

6. Sometimes less is more

Sometimes you want to go a little overboard but nobody likes to feel bad because they received something huge from the person they gave a keychain to. Remember that size and cost don’t necessarily matter. Meaning is what matters. Do I sound like a broken record here?

7. Last thing, make it appropriate and intentional

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale and later decide who you might be able to give it to. No joke, my sister received an underwater scuba diving bag one year. She lives in Utah, has never been nor had she ever planned on going scuba diving. WHAT?! Who knows where that came from, probably the sale cart at some random department store. The point is, unless you’re planning on giving her a  ticket to a Caribbean cruise to go along with that bag, don’t do it.

Obviously, as I’ve repeated myself several times, it really is the thought that counts. Not just that you thought about that person and gave them something, but the fact that you put a lot of thought into what you gave that person. Gifts are a great way to show your love and strengthen your relationships. Don’t let a bad gift put a damper on a perfectly great Christmas. It’s not too late to return some things if you think you need to 🙂

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